Our latest project

REN Power is an important part of the living communities of the future, like the Hurdal eco-village.

The Hurdal Project

The concept has a holistic approach and combines a variety of innovative technologies, such as energy positive homes, renewable energy, energy storage, door-step organic food production, and waste-to-energy systems.  REN Power, a renewable energy provider and energy operator takes a central role in meaningfully reducing CO2 and increasing value in this sustainable community of the future. 

Building a regenerative lifestyle

Why invest?  The mass-market adoption of multi-sourced renewable energy solutions, like the REN Power in Hurdal, will pave the way for commercial and private actors to do the right things: use only renewable energy, protect the environment, eliminate emissions and create many regenerative lifestyle communities. Places where many can live happy and healthy.  

Sustainable community

The Hurdal project is a REN Power initiative that takes net-zero design one step further, with the goal of creating an entire sustainable community. Located in the municipality of Hurdal, the project includes a mix of residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings, all of which are designed to be completely self-sufficient. Solar panels provide power, and greenhouses produce food year-round. Wastewater is treated on-site and then used to irrigate the crops. Even the insulation is made from recycled materials. The result is a community that has virtually no environmental impact. And with its close proximity to Oslo, it serves as a model for what cities could eventually look like.

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